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Power Roulette:
__ Having obtained a copy of Power Roulette, I can't see what all the fuss is about and it turns out to be very similar to something I have been playing with myself. The system itself is just a selection method for finding 7 numbers to back for 5 successive spins.

__ The staking recommended means an outlay of 140 chips if you bet all 5 spins. A win will produce on average a profit of 74 chips. So, to make a profit you are going to need to win at least 66% of "games" played. I tested the system using numbers which I personally collected on my visits to Casinos. I did actually achieve a winning strike rate of exactly 66% - 16 from 24.

__ The 8 losing games meant a loss of 7x140 = 980 chips plus a further 35, total 1015. The loss of 35 chips was for a game which was not completed because there was a dealer change after 2 spins. The 16 winning "games" produced a return of 1085 chips so overall a PROFIT of 70 chips from 24 "games".

__ So in this test, yes, a profit was achieved, albeit only an average of just under 3 chips per game - remember, 1 game can be an outlay of 140 chips.

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