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Power Roulette....
__ I won't give specific details of how the system arrives at the selected numbers (maybe it is copyrighted?), however, much is still left to your own interpretation of the numbers you have charted. I think if I had paid $1250 for a method then I would expect it to tell me EXACTLY when I should commence betting.

__ So, Power Roulette involves backing 7 numbers up to 5 times. Well, think about this! You are covering nearly 20% of the numbers on the wheel. You will have 35 possible chances of a hit during the betting sequence. NOW HERE'S THE BOMBSHELL !!!!

__ I did some tests using 7 numbers without giving any thought whatsoever to the numbers selected - I used numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7! These numbers produced 67% winning games. I am confident that if you picked ANY 7 numbers on the wheel and backed them using the Power Roulette staking that you would achieve similar results.

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