Single Number Bets:
_ The bottom row of the Sic Bo table has six betting areas. These are called single number bets. If one of the three dice comes up as one of the numbers bet on (from 1-6), you get paid out at 1-1.
_ If two numbers come up you get paid out at 2-1 and if three numbers come up you get paid out at 12-1. So if you bet on the number 6 and you wagered $5.00 and 2 sixes came up, you would win $10.00.

One number Appears - 1-1
Two numbers Appear - 2-1
Three numbers Appear - 12-1

Two Number Combinations:
_ The two number combination bets consist of placing a wager on any 2 dice combinations. If you wager on a 6,4 combination and the result of the dice roll was 4,7,6, you would win at 6-1 odds. If the result of the dice roll was 6,4,4 you would win twice because there are two combinations of 6,4.

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