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__ The AVERAGE profit per hit is just over 25 chips so a winning strike rate of 66% is required to make a profit. Here are some actual casino spins from a recent visit:

26,36,19,35,1, 8,24,2,2,8,15,4

__ In this example our first game was a total loss (-49 chips), none of our numbers came up in the first 5 spins. So a new betting sequence commences after the 25. Number 5 is a hit on the very next spin (+29 chips). Betting sequence stops as we have had a winner and new sequence commences on the next spin. The next 5 spins pass without a hit so another 49 chips lost and new sequence starts again with number 4 coming up on the 2nd spin (+22 chips). And so onů..

__ These spins produced the following results: -49, +29, -49, +22, -49,+16,+37, -49, +29, +16, +23, +23, +16, +29, +16 Profit +60 chips and 11 winning games from 15 = 73% You can also increase the winning strike rate even further by maybe waiting for 5 or 6 spins without any of your numbers coming up before you start betting.
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