Beating the House....

_ Setting up an account at an online casino is a rather basic task. The player must divulge a variety of personal information and will be given a user or account name and a password for security purposes.

_ Most casinos accept several methods of depositing funds: a direct-mail check or money order; a direct withdrawal from a bank; a bank or Western Union wire transfer; or a direct debit to a credit card account, which is also known as "electronic commerce" ("e-cash" for short) and is the quickest process. Graeme Levin, founder of a popular indexing service titled, suggests that e-cash transactions are "safer than giving your credit card to a shoe salesman or a waiter".

_ Accounts are encrypted with complex algorithms to render confidential information indecipherable to a hacker. The coding encryptions vary from each casino, however most claim to have systems comparable to those used by banks. It is because of increasingly sophisticated encryption technology that makes the purchase of goods on the Internet safer to use every day.

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