Beating the House....

_ It is quite rare to find a place in the world where Elvis performs nightly, pirate ships go to battle every hour, tigers, contortionists, and has-been celebrities roam the theatre stages, and mesmerizing flashes of dazzling neon light illuminate the sky. Las Vegas did what it felt was needed to attract more tourists. Nevertheless, with all of its' hoopla, there may not be the kind of entertainment present for the duration of your stay.

_ It is true that for some people the need to experience the watered down drinks, the extravagant buffets, the feel of the plush green felt on the tables and heavy plastic chips are too much to bear. And perhaps there is something to be said about live theatre, but come on now, you are on the Internet. Go ahead and surf as much as you like. Find the particular kinds of entertainment that meet your specifications. After all, everything is right at your fingertips.

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