Beating the House....

_ Although this is a legitimate query, online casinos offer only one machine per game rather than the hundreds that occupy an entire wing, so loose slots are not a factor. Sometimes a player has been using the same machine for over an hour and would like to have a washroom break. To his dismay, the machine is occupied upon his return. The player believes that the machine is due for a big pay-out and wants to be the recipient of any windfalls.

_ Of course, each machine uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). A number between zero and 4 billion is chosen when the handle is pulled, which directly affects the cards that are selected. Therefore, pay-outs occur regardless of how much time you have spent on a specific machine. Irrespective of how the slots function, this sort of scenario will never occur when playing online.

_ Neither would any potential dress codes. Other than your better half or roommate telling you that it is time to bathe your perpetual malodorous body due to subsequent use of the PC, there are no guidelines to conform to regarding clothing. Feel free to wear whatever it is you desire; there is no one around to try to impress.

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