Beating the House....

_ Throughout my entire life, one of the biggest complaints that I have heard from experienced gamblers is how much they can not stand playing at a blackjack table with a novice holding the anchor seat. They are certain that an inexperienced player at that position will greatly affect the outcome of their hands for the worse. I will discuss this and other strategies in subsequent articles; however, this is not a concern for the nambler.

_ When you choose to gamble online, you are alone versus the dealer. Yes, it is true that some online casinos offer interactive playing modes, which allows the user to play hands with other online users. Yet at this point, not all of them are capable of this procedure, whereas all of them allow you to play one-on-one. Naturally, more and more experienced gamblers are taking to the Internet in order to avoid playing with moronic neophytes.

_ Other concerns that are prevalent among land based casinos which need not be applicable to nambling are loose slots, leaving "your" machine, and dress codes. An educated player will ask the pitboss or change stewards which slot machines are the loosest. This refers to how often a machine will pay-out.

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