Beating the House....

_ Some people are concerned with walking about the casino floor with their holdings, despite the fact that security is ever present. Many believe that casinos house gangsters and corrupt politicians. Certainly, this is not the case in most casinos in North America. The once feared and dreaded roots of Las Vegas are just a part of history.

_ The mobsters have been replaced by "family entertainment" conglomerates and the long arm of the Nevada gaming commission. Although these buildings do have extremely large capacities, they might make little ol' grandma feel a bit intimidated from rowdy sounding fraternity freshmen or a gang of bikers.

_ Given that land based casinos will receive practically anybody who is of legal age, one would have to expect any and all forms of man to be present. Who needs to worry about safety concerns when your bankroll is at stake? When playing with online casinos, you avoid contact with any strangers, period. Your personal information is securely stored, eliminating the one element of doubt that may exist in your mind. Thus, leaving you with the sole responsibility of pure enjoyment. This is simply another reason that makes online gambling appear more attractive.

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