Beating the House....

_ Basically, the Internet has become a device that facilitates our chores and allows us more freedom than ever before. It seems that we appreciate having to do less work, because, let's face it, we're all lazy. How else can you explain this phenomenon? Technology has advanced to the point where a person does not have to leave his home for anything.

_ All of the necessities for survival are apparent. We are capable of conducting our own businesses, sending bill payments, shopping for pleasure and even buying our food all from the comfort of our home. In 1997 alone, it is estimated that $7 - $8 billion in goods and services traded hands over the Internet. Think about it for a moment. If someone is able to develop a product that can ease a person's workload, that product will be an instant success.

_ Anyone remember owning television sets before remote controls were introduced? The gaming industry is no different. They have flooded the market with different kinds of themed sites, and what they have discovered is a revelation.

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