Beating the House....

_ Imagine, if you will, that you are strolling into a casino with a perfectly mixed vodka martini, just the way you like it with three olives and your preferred premium blend. You spot your blackjack table of choice, and as always, nobody else is seated at it. You hear some music in the background that plays your favorite melodies. You play several hands before realizing some discomfort in your shoes.

_ No doubt your feet are tired after a long day at the office. You decide to untie your shoes and remove your socks, not even once pausing to think how this will affect other people. You become aware of a warm, wet sensation around your toes but do not appear alarmed. Feeling somewhat better, you believe that something is missing from making this a perfect moment.

_ You determine hunger pains as the cause of this anxiety, and opt for some apple pie a la mode. You leave the table and saunter right into the kitchen, nobody disturbs you, and promptly go about your business preparing a snack before returning to the table for another hour of uninterrupted play. Does this sound too good to be true? Is this casino custom built just for you?

_ Well, sort of. Welcome to the wonderful world of Internet gaming. Where your preferred blackjack table is your computer desk, your attire consists of boxer shorts and a bathrobe, the warm ooze on your feet is courteous of your dog Rover, and there is no one to answer to in the kitchen because it is your own.

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